Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday – CLOSED

Above are my business hours.  I will answer emails during those hours.  On occasion, I will work weekends, but it’s at my discretion.  Please do not expect for me to answer emails outside of those hours.


I prefer all communication to take place via email.  This is our sole and primary way of communication. I am available for Skype or phone calls, but an appointment must be made well in advance.  I do not have the capabilities to make immediate calls upon request.  Need to get me quickly?  Email is the best option.

Outside of the design process, email turnaround time can take up to 48 hours. During the actual design process, email turnaround can be within hours or even that day.  This is why it is very important to check your email frequently during the design process.

If I do not hear back from you for 3 days at any time during the design process (after you have been notified that I’ve started your design), I will begin the design process with the next person on the wait list.  This can result in your design process being delayed until another slot becomes available.  If you will be on vacation, or away from your computer, please let me know beforehand.

If you are on the wait list and I haven’t heard from you within 2 weeks after emailing you at any given time, then you will be removed completely from the list loosing your deposit of 50% of the package price.


When you receive a quote from 8550 Graphics, the quote is valid for one week after the request.  If after 7 business days the deposit has not been made, your quote is subject to change.  Discounts, coupon codes, winnings, or other special offers may only be rendered at the time of quote before the design process begins.


8550 Graphics only accepts payments via PayPal.  Don’t have a PayPal account?  You can still make payments via PayPal with a credit card.  Once the quote has been finalized, an invoice for 50% of the total will be sent to you.  The initial payment is a non-refundable deposit, and is required to hold your place on the schedule.   By paying the invoice, you are agreeing to these terms of use.  You even check a box in your design form, saying you’ve read this.  The other 50% of your quote is due prior to final installation.


Clients who purchase a design package will be required to pay a deposit in order to be added to the wait list.  The deposit is 50% of the package price, and it will be deducted from your final invoice.


You are eligible for a partial refund within 2 weeks of the initial deposit.  You are NOT eligible for a full or partial refund if I have started on your design or  you have received previous drafts and/or I have installed part or the entire layout on your blog/website.  The reason you aren’t eligible is due to the time I have already spent designing and installing your design.

Additional Fees

Usually I am happy to work with my clients to make as many drafts as they may need, but due to being paid by project and not by hour, 8550 Graphics does this to protect themselves from excessive drafts and edits. After the 3 revisions allotted in each package, a fee of $25 will be added to the final bill for each set of revisions thereafter.

Requesting changes and moving forward with your design can be a very exciting process.  However, sending multiple emails or messages with one or two small changes can be very time consuming and confusing, but this can also go against your number of revisions.  Please take the time once I’ve sent your initial design to make notes on what you would want to a change before sending an email.  This will save time for all of us in the long run, and will allow for a quicker and easier installation time.

If you do not use all of your revisions then you forfeit them.  Once the graphics are approved, the design will be installed on your site.  No necessary changes will be allowed at this time.  This means – Once it’s installed on YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE – That is the Final Draft and NO EDITS can be made without being charged a revision fee.  If edits are needed, an revisions fee invoice will be sent.  8550 Graphics is not responsible for the arrangement of content of widgets, adding content, and the client will be responsible for making back-up of their site prior to installation.

Schedule of Availability/Wait List:

Before you place your order, take note of the current schedule found here.  That will be the approximate date, but it is not guaranteed..  PLEASE NOTE: This is an approximation, and I cannot guarantee the timing.  However, I am committed to keeping the lines of communication open and will keep you informed of any delays.  I will take whatever amount of time necessary to complete your project at the highest quality, and to ensure you are satisfied with the end results.  Delays do happen, but they are not subject for a refund.

Please be sure to check your email frequently (at least once a day) while your project is being worked on. I may have questions along the way, and if my emails go unanswered, your design will be delayed, or may loose it’s top spot on my Client Waiting List.

Rush orders

You may request to have your order bumped to the top of the availability list for an extra charge of $150.00.

Widgets and Content

8550 Graphics is NOT responsible for rearranging any Widgets or Content listed on your Blog or Website. The scope of the installation for your purchased design includes only PHP and CSS coding only.  These are the two sections that control the functionality and core design.  Unless you have made arrangements with me ahead of time, and it is included in your quote, managing your content is not included in your quote.

“Content Management” includes removing, adding, maintaining or updating post, pages, plugins or widgets.   Adjusting sidebars, etc. are not included.  Any information that can be maintained or revised through your WordPress Dashboard are not included in my Scope of Design.

Post Install Support

8550 Graphics will provide up to 3 days of FREE post install support to go over any troubleshooting questions you have have as you settle into your new site.  These 3 days begin the same day that your site is installed.  For additional support, you will be billed my hourly fee of $50 an hour for anything after the 3 days.

Design Credit

Every blog or website design by 8550 Graphics will remain my intellectual property and I retain the copyright.  As a client, you are assigned the right to use the design on your blog or website.

A credit will link back to 8550 Graphics and will be placed in the footer.  This link must remain in tact as long as my design full or incomplete remains on your site.  This link can only be removed if the entire site is redone.

I reserve the right to use your design in my portfolio as well as for promotional purposes.

Browsers and Compatibility

8550 Graphics ensures that your blog design is compatible with the latest Firefox browsers, and most others as well AT THE TIME OF INSTALLATION.  I will try to accommodate other browsers, but I can’t promise anything.  I suggest you use the latest edition of Firefox.

Seeing things really weird on your site using Internet Explorer.


If you won’t your WordPress or website design to be mobile responsive, you must let me know prior to starting the design so that it can be included in your quote if not in the package.  Mobile responsive designs are tested on the most current versions of the Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android operating systems.  We do not guarantee your design to display properly in outdated or future versions of any mobile device or operating systems.

Your WordPress or websites design is also only guaranteed to work on the most current versions of WordPress and Genesis/Other theme as of the date your blog or website was installed.  It is not guaranteed to work on future or outdated versions.  If problems should present themselves, I will repair at an hourly rate of $50.


You are responsible for backing up your website and template prior to the design process.  I am in no way responsible for any loss or damage to your blog or website content while installing your design, or anytime before or after your installation.  I have never lost or damaged a clients’ content, but this is to not say it could never happen.  It’s your responsibility to back up your blog or website prior to and after the installation process.

I will also not guarantee to have your design files backed up for longer than six months.  For the first six months after your installation, I will store your files.  Any work done after six months, will not be saved, and will be deleted so that I have space for other clients.  If for any reason your website or blog is lost or damaged, I will repair or re-install it for a fee if I have your files available.

I am willing to host your design files for longer than six months, but there will be an annual fee of $30 per year.  This arrangement must be agreed upon prior to placing your order or before the initial 6 months is up.


If you are considering moving to WordPress or switching hosting companies, I strongly suggest RFE Hosting.  I have used RFE Hosting for several years now with no issues.

If you are using Go Daddy hosting, please disclose that information prior to your quote.  I’ve had tons of issues over the years with different clients who use their hosting.


Your privacy is very important to me. I will often request your username and password to various accounts while working with you. This information will never be shared with anyone else for any reason and will only be used for the purpose of completing your design project.

You are welcome to temporarily change your password(s) while working with me.


8550 Graphics is not liable for any photography of digital elements provided by clients. You guarantee that you either own or have permission from the rightful owner to use any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork you provide me to use in your design.   Digital scrap kits must be purchased by me, so I can make sure it’s abiding by the terms of the digital designer.

The graphics that I create on your behalf are intended to be embedded within your blog or website, and may not be used for any other purpose without express permission.  You may not edit any aspect o your design, create new graphics using elements of your design, or hire another designer to do this for you.  I do not release any graphics used in your design unless this is arranged and agreed upon in advance.  If agreed upon in advance, it will be specifies in our agreement.

All designs and coding by 8550 Graphics is protected by copyright law. Images, coding, and other elements are NOT to be shared, copied, or altered in any way unless you have permission from 8550 Graphics.

When ordering a blog or web design you the client are purchasing the images created for you.  You may use these graphics for branding, and social media.  However, images are for web-resolution only.  Print-resolution images are not to be used for printing or logos, they must be purchased separately.  Images, coding, and other elements are NOT to be shared, copied, or altered in any way unless you have permission from 8550 Graphics.  Credits must remain on any URL where the design will appear unless it’s a social media outlet.

You may not transfer this template to suit a WordPress or other blogging platform – if you want to transfer to WordPress or move it to another blogging platform (including Blogger) please contact me first for permission.

By contracting my services, you guarantee that you either own or have permission from the rightful owner to use any elements of the text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork you provide to me for use in your design.

Should you fail to comply will all of these terms, you will hold harmless, protect and defend 8550 Graphics (and by extension, owner, Jessica Lipske) from any resulting claim or suit.