Lately, I’ve seen an influx of people that contact me that are wanting to start a website or blog from scratch.  If this is you, then this is the perfect post to read.  I first and foremost strongly recommend using WordPress and Genesis Framework.  I’ve been using it since almost the beginning of my career as a graphic and web designer, and I love it.  It’s the easiest way to update and it’s also very SEO friendly.

Let’s start with the how to get started.

First Step: Sign Up for a Web Hosting Account

RFE HostingWhat is a web hosting account? And why do you need it?  All websites are composed of files and a web host physically houses your web page on a server to store those files so that they are accessible on the World Wide Web.  There is a monthly or annual fee for their services, but it is well worth is, and very nominal.

The main important step is choosing a web host.  I’ve been in business for 6 years now, and have been through multiple big name hosting companies.  They have all made me want to scream at some point while using them whether it was horrible customer service representatives that weren’t helpful or extremely slow to respond, or an overloaded server that made my website run as slow as a snail.

Then I finally found RFE Hosting after hearing a ton of designer friends recommend his services.  Aaron is wonderful (which is a complete under statement), as well as full of knowledge, and the best customer support I had ever experienced.

I’ve used RFE for several years now, and they have always met or exceeded my expectations as a hosting company.  They are definitely the first person I recommend my clients too.

Second Step: Register a Domain Name

Most hosting companies including RFE Hosting offer this service as well.  It’s like a one stop shop to get that website up and running.

Your domain name or url address is an address that tells people where to find your website just like your physical address tells people where you live.  The domain name tells people where your website is.

How do you get a domain? I thought you would never ask.

You will use a domain registrar.  You can check with your domain registrar to see if the domain you are wanting is available.  If your domain is available, you can usually purchase them for around $12.

This is something that your web host will usually help you with.  I would suggest purchasing everything in the same place so that you don’t have to deal with all the fuss of making sure your domain is pointed to your hosting account.  –  I just confused I’m sure, so purchase everything from your domain. ;)

Third Step: Installing WordPress

Now that we have your web hosting and domain name, WordPress is the foundation on which you will build your website.

What is WordPress you might ask? 

WordPress is a content management system that gives you a friendly interface to manage your content.

I know what your thinking… so please don’t worry.  If you can use Microsoft Office, then WordPress will be just as simple.  Not too bad, huh?

How do I actually install WordPress on my web host?

This can be the tricky part, but if you are willing to learn then this will only take a few minutes.  If your too scared to take the plunge, many web host will install WordPress for you or walk you through the installation free of charge.  You can fine a great tutorial here on how to install WordPress.  Run into any problems? – Your Web Host will be able to help or you can contact yours truly.

Fourth Step: Install a Theme

You can install any WordPress theme, but I personally suggest Genesis Framework and a Child Theme.

If I’m designing your site, then there is no more work for you to do after you install WordPress – I will simply do the rest.  However, if your wanting to be a DIYer – then just simply keep reading.

There are many benefits of Genesis.  Genesis handles the majority of the main code that impacts your website’s SEO & security, while the child themes helps you get the layout, fonts, and colors that you want for your site.

Where can you get Genesis from?

You can get Genesis framework from the StudioPress website.  There you can find multiple child themes as well.

Here are a few others that make child themes as well –

The Pixelista

Restored 316

Shay Bocks

Once you’ve purchased Genesis and your Child theme, you can follow this tutorial on how to install them onto your site – find tutorial here.

Want to add your logo and change the colors to match your brand, contact me today!